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Small Groups

Small groups are a great way to build friendships and grow spiritually no matter what stage of spiritual growth you’re at. We offer four types of groups for people with different needs.

Outreach Groups

Outreach Groups are designed for our neighbors, coworkers, and friends who are exploring Christianity and looking for answers. We also have outreach groups designed specifically to help people through rough life situations.

Follow-up Groups

Follow-up Groups are for new believers who are not yet members of the church and not yet established in the faith, or Christians in need of other kinds of follow-up (say a new Christian to the island wanting to check things out for a while).  Follow-up Groups seek to help people get rooted in the faith by teaching the basics of walking with the Lord, and ushering them toward church membership. These groups meet for 6-months to a year.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are longer-term small groups (1-2 years) reserved for members of FBC.  Growth groups combine Bible and book study with fellowship and mutual care for one another. Growth groups aim to be safe places where smaller clusters of the church family “go deeper” with one another. We have growth groups for men, women, newly married and seasoned couples, and community groups.

Training groups

Training groups help our members gain specific skill or competency in a defined area of ministry.  We develop training groups as we identify particular needs and persons ready to grow into some form of service or leadership.

For more information on joining a group contact Paul Reynolds on yk.gr1521754381o.cbf1521754381@luaP1521754381 or 345-949-0692.