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Biblical Counseling

Sometimes we need specific counsel to grow spiritually. Biblical counseling is simply the process of getting help with applying appropriate Bible passages to some life circumstance.

The congregation is the “front lines” of our counseling ministry. Our small groups, 1-on-1 mentoring relationships, and Christian friendships all provide opportunity for gaining biblical counsel and support.

For more significant needs, our elders and pastors are available to counsel persons who request it. All of our elders and leaders are competent to counsel on a range of typical spiritual and practical needs. For issues beyond our counseling ability, pastors/elders may refer persons to other appropriate resources.

Persons desiring counseling are encouraged to contact the church office at yk.gr1519587018o.cbf1519587018@cbf1519587018 or 345-949-0692. You will help the counselor prepare for your time together if you give them or them assistant an accurate sense of the need.

Other excellent resources

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