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Leadership & Staff


Since 2004, our church has followed a leadership model we see prescribed for our benefit by Scripture. The “elder-led” approach provides us with sound guidance from biblically-qualified men. All of the elders are pastors of the congregation. Some of our elders are employed by the church, and some serve the Lord in secular pursuits. All elders meet the stated qualifications in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. They meet regularly to pray and provide spiritual oversight to the church.


Bentley Robinson
Bentley Robinson, Assistant Pastor, born and raised in a Christian home in Jamaica and the son of a Baptist preacher. He is the husband to Maureen and father to Amanda and Joanna. Came to live in the Cayman Islands in 1989 as an auto air conditioning technician at Wheels Cooling Centre. In 1998 he worked for 6 and half years as a prison officer at HMP Northward where he also led a prayer/bible study ministry with his wife. After sensing God’s call on his life along with the gracious support of the church, he attended the Moorlands Bible College in the UK, where he did 3 years of pastoral/evangelistic training, graduating with a BA Degree in Applied Theology. Bentley has a passion to see peoples lives changed through the preaching of the gospel. He enjoys his wife’s lovely cooking and spending time with his 2 lovely girls.


Dave II
David Jorge, Pastor of Worship was born in Havana, Cuba.  He is the ever-grateful husband to Kathy and amazed father of Jonathan!  He has served as a Pastor of Worship since 1983 in churches in Los Angeles.  He has joyfully served this Body since 2001.  In another life he was an arranger/conductor/musician in L.A. for a bunch of stuff.  The passion of his life is to help people connect with God-right now through worship.  In his spare time he enjoys rebuilding islands after hurricanes and helping lead churches to a Biblical model of leadership.  Diving with God’s underwater creatures ranks a close second.


Paul Reynolds, Director of Discipleship and Children’s Ministries. Paul came to Cayman from England in 2007 with his wife Rachael and children Jude and Alice. Brought up in a Christian home, he became a Christian at about 9 years old when he came to understand his own need of a Saviour. Other than enjoying time with his family, Paul also enjoys writing, preaching, photography, and all things baseball. He is the author of Sixty Books-One Story (Christian Focus, 2013).



The deacons and deaconesses of First Baptist Church fill support roles as they coordinate various ministries related to the administrative and practical needs of the congregation. As those who free the elders to provide spiritual oversight to the church, the deacons and deaconesses each oversee a particular church ministry (e.g. First Baptist Christian School or Personnel). Potential deacons and deaconesses are nominated by the elders and voted on by the congregation before beginning a three-year period of service.

Uche Obi, Deacon of First Baptist Christian School and Wee Care, is a Nigerian who was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is married to Jondo Obi a native of Cameroon and they are blessed with 2 sons, Azuka (AJ) and Eyole. He along with his 2 brothers and sisters were raised in Benin City (Mid-West Nigeria) on a university campus where his father lectured as a professor of medicine. Uche came to Cayman in 2001 after spending 10 years in the UK. He accepted the Lord as his savior, was baptized and became a member of the Church in 2007. He enjoys sharing the gospel with children and has been involved in several ministries including Upward Basketball, Vacation Bible School and Worship Warehouse. He was appointed to the School Board in 2011 and greatly appreciates the benefits of a Christ centered education. In his spare time, Uche enjoys watching and playing soccer, travelling and spending time with his family.


Rick Gorter
Rick Gorter, Deacon of Finance. Rick is happily married to Gina and they have two sons, Simon and Stuart, a daughter in law, Elizabeth and a grandson, Elijah, all of which are members of the Church. Rick and Gina have been attending First Baptist for more than 30 years and have been a part of the major initiatives within the Church. Rick is originally from Australia and Gina is from Jamaica. Rick is an Australian CPA and the Managing Director of Trident Trust Company (Cayman) Limited.  He has also served in various capacities in the Church, including Chairman of the Finance Committee, Sunday School Teacher and Chairman of the School Board.



In an effort to facilitate the ministry of the entire church, we have called on a few members to work in a full-time (paid) capacity. This group together provides an administrative backbone for the body of believers now covenanted together at First Baptist Church.


Meg Bodden, Women’s Ministry Director.  Meg was born and grew up in Jamaica.  She moved to Cayman with her family in 1987.  Her mother’s family originally from Scotland had lived here since the 1940’s.  Her grandfather came here with the Church of Scotland and was principal of the first high school in the Cayman Islands under the British system.  Today one of the churches that were under his charge is named for him, John Gray Memorial Church in West Bay.  She is blessed with two sons, Christopher and William, and enjoys the journey of growth as a parent.  Her prayer for the women’s ministry is that it be an overflow of the gospel, as a restoring, reconciling ministry, that encourages with the Word of God.  That equips women with the Word of God to glorify God. And that the Word helps them grow in Christ’s likeness to build up the body of Christ in love.


Dr. Linda Cross, Principal of First Baptist Christian School, is a native of White Cloud, Michigan.  She began serving as principal of FBCS in August 2005.  The last 20 years she has been a principal of Christian schools in Michigan, Kentucky and Alabama.  Dr. Cross holds a B.A. in Christian Education (Lee University), a M.A. in Christian Education (Wheaton College), and a Dmin. from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Her passion is to develop Christian leaders to become world changers and education is one platform to launch that endeavor.  She enjoys coaching basketball, softball, volleyball, and teaching a Sunday school class.


Bev Chin-Sinn
Bev Chin-Sinn, WEE Care Director, from Jamaica and before coming to the Cayman Islands, lived in the Bahamas where she taught at Kingsway Academy, a Christian School with grades K-12. The Bahamas provided a long enough stop to meet and marry the love of her life, Hugh. They then settled in the beautiful Cayman Islands where they began building their family. Bev worked as a Classroom Teacher, Careers Counselor and School Administrator in the Public school system for eighteen plus years and a total of twenty-two and a half years with the Cayman Islands Government. She holds a Master of Science Degree, a Bachelor of Education Degree and a Teacher’s Diploma. She agrees wholeheartedly with the writer who says “No pursuit is more important than the cultivation of a Godly family.”


Nealy Moxam, Financial Administrator, is the youngest member of a large family, raised on an East Texas dairy farm.  Her mother died when she was only 8, and she was able to spend a priceless amount to time sitting at the foot of her bed and being eternally blessed by her teachings. In 1961, she married Bob Maddox, and they were blessed with daughter, Melinda, and son, Robert.  In 1981 Bob died of an inoperable brain tumor.  In mid 1982, she visited Grand Cayman for the first time, and met Allan Moxam, the greatest of all tour guides.  They married in 1983, and she gained two more wonderful sons, Dwight and Brian.  She is now blessed to have 4 grandsons:  Dillon, Tyler, Brian, and Brandon.  In 1988, I first visited First Baptist Church and knew immediately how God meant for me to belong to this culturally diverse church; an example on earth of the diversity of heaven.  In 1999, after a lifetime of preparation, I became a part of the staff of FBC/FBCS.  One of God’s greatest blessings to me was the provision of school teachers in my young years that instilled in me a desire for lifelong learning.


Melissa Brown-Watler, Church Office Administrative Assistant


Wellington Dixon
Wellington Dixon, Facilities Technician